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One on One Coaching

Transform yourself. Discover your life through the eyes of Christ in the scriptures.

Service Description

Clients receive weekly 1:1 coaching along with access to unlimited email coaching as well as the option of texting between coaching sessions to share “wins” updates or have a 15 minute “laser” coaching call. So discover who you are in the Father's eyes and walk it out! You are the light of the world. (Matthew 5.14) It's time to shine!!! Create a life that reflects biblical truths, beliefs, values and your desires. • Discover how God meets the five basic needs of every believer. • Learn the study and application of scripture that will impact every area of your life. (personal and professional) • Obtain the abundant life that Jesus intended you to have. • Build and strengthen Relationships: Family, Friends, Coworkers. Marriage – Wife coaching will discover how to manage their emotions and be free to love unconditionally. ▪ Husbands- will gain knowledge and understanding how to love their wives as Christ love the church • Maintain kingdom living- righteousness, peace and joy • Learn how to truly enjoy life, where you are. • Overcome and be free of depression, anger and anxiety. • Move from tolerating and surviving to enjoying and thriving. • Learn the tools and develop skills in: Communication (the power of words and listening skills), Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Casting cares, Self care, Meditation (God’s way), Prayer, Setting Boundaries. • Learn the source of true happiness and how it will attract success in every area of your life.

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