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One On One Coaching

Service Description

 I help people make positive changes in their lives. I am passionate about helping people become more confident in their abilities and to reach their goals. I have a strong belief that everyone has the potential to reach their fullest potential.

I offer a variety of services, from one-on-one coaching to group sessions, to give people the tools and support they need to succeed. My approach is tailored to each individual, and I strive to create a safe and supportive environment for my clients. With my guidance, you can transform your life and become the best version of yourself.


You receive weekly 1:1 coaching along with access to unlimited email coaching as well as the option of texting between coaching sessions to share “wins” updates or have a 15 minute “laser” coaching call. So discover who you are in the Father's eyes and walk it out! You are the light of the world. (Matthew 5.14) It's time to shine!!! Create a life that reflects biblical truths, beliefs, values and your desires.  Align with God's Design!


Service Description

COUPLES PACKAGE SPECIAL: Each spouse receives six 1:1 personal coaching session.


• In six sessions, you will discover solutions to the problems you have been facing for years.


• Learn how to manage your emotions and eliminate toxicity in your life.

• Embrace God’s love and be healed from emotional distress.

• Discover how to release all burdens and cares from the past and be free to love and enjoy your marriage.

• Receive the tools that will empower you to be the virtuous woman you are called to be.

• Create a vision for your marriage, a success roadmap and plan of action.

• Learn and develop communication skills that build intimacy in your marriage.

• Discover the secret sauce hidden in scripture, God has given you that will transform you and your marriage.

Delightful Wife

Move from tolerating marriage to celebrating. Transform yourself and transform your marriage.

Life Visioning Coaching

Service Description

This is a powerful coaching service where you will:

• CREATE clarity and direction for your life

• DISCOVER God's vision for your future self and development.

• CLARIFY your most important GOALS
• CLOSE the GAPS between where you are and where you want to be.
• EXAMINE your VISION and discover the person your vision is calling you to become. You attract what you become.

• DESIGN a SUCCESS ROADMAP to establish progression, growth and alignment with God's design for your life.

Service Description

You are guided through a five-step proven system to help you succeed in all aspects of your life. When you follow this plan, trust the process and do the work, it can lead to more money, time, freedom and happiness! Each day listen to the training call and complete the corresponding Fast Action sheets. By focusing on the 4 Embers of a Life on Fire: Health, Wealth, Love and Faith, and following the system, you will unleash your God given potential. This is a five day challenge which consists of five videos and along with coach sessions. You can watch every other day or 5 days in a row. This is a powerful way to finish strong and prepare for the new year!

Finish Strong

Life on Fire Vision Challenge

Elite Coaching Package

6 months of ultimate service with clarity, purpose and accountability.

Service Description

This package will be conducive to your needs and will include a combination of all services plus additional coach sessions: Vision board, Life visioning, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Christian Life Coaching. You will receive my full commitment for six months.

• One on one weekly coaching sessions.

• Discover your purpose and fulfill your calling and assignment.

• Discover and understand your gifts and strengths and learn how to use them to navigate through life and overcome challenges that hinder progress.

• Learn how to obtain and maintain abundance in every area of your life.
• Become the person you are destined to be.
• Learn the study and application of the scripture and develop emotional intelligence and spiritual maturity.

"Lydia is a heart-centered visionary leader who connects superbly with her audience and clients as a speaker and coach. She is a delight to work with and innovative in her approach. Truly a professional. Thrilled to have her as a Certified Vision Board Coach"

Joyce A. Schwarz

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