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Discover how God's love can transform your, life as a believer. You will begin to yield to God's loving presence an understand biblical principles. When you begin to understand God's love for you, you will begin to understand His true nature.

After reading I Am Lovable you will be able to reflect and witness your own transformation of how God increased your capacity to love Him, yourself, and other. 

Wisdom For Today's Wife, contains simple, yet powerful quotes and biblical wisdom. You will be inspired by the Holy Spirit, which will provoke your thinking and renew your mind. When you apply these truths and experience God's wisdom, the Holy Spirit will escort you into a deeper relationship with the Father. Transform yourself and you will transform your marriage to a phenomenal level.

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Wisdom For Today's Wife

Transform Yourself.  Transform your marriage

Are you looking for a new book for your women's group? Special group savings, when you buy in bulk. 

5-20 books ($13.95ea)

21 to 99 books ($10.95ea)

100-499 books ($8.95ea)

500-999 books ($6.95ea)

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