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Hello Beloved.

Did you know, when you were born again , you were made whole and complete? You are perfect and complete in your spirit. You are spirit, you possess a soul and live in a body. You conform the soul to the new man and it grows and matures over time. Transformation happens as you renew your mind consistently through meditating and applying the scriptures.

God’s word is active and alive. When it takes root, it produces abundant life which consists of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, prosperity, resilience, peace, love and joy. People search all over the world to experience these qualities but you can obtain them through the bible and the Lord Jesus. Jesus teaches you how to live and enjoy life and its living by His Character.

There is a character trait, when practiced will preserve your heart, mind, marriage, your entire life. It is temperance, self restraint which is fruit of the Spirit; Galatians 5.6. Self-restraint preserves you from turmoil. One scripture that is my favorite which demonstrates the self restraint of Jesus is found in James 1.19, 20 which reads...

So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath for the wrath of man (“wrath of Lydia”) does not produce the righteousness of God.

As I meditated and studied this scripture my young adult years were impacted greatly with peace and joy. It continued into my marriage and well into my mid-life years. For scripture to impact your life, you must fully understand the scripture. To understand it, you must apply it. A scripture is not fully understood until it is experienced through obedience.

For instance, I watched my parents bake cakes. I tasted their delicious cakes. I read recipes and studied how to bake a cake, however I did not understand it until I applied the instructions and baked the delicious cake myself.

James. 1.19,20 trained my hearing and increased awareness of my inner dialogue. With the help of Holy Spirit, I learned to manage my emotions, bridle my tongue, preserve relationships and my character. This is what Titus means when it says. " God’s grace teaching you to deny ungodliness." Titus 2.12.

Call to Action

  • Read and Meditate on James 1.19,20.

  • Be Quick to Hear- Be intentional and practice being quick to hear the person speaking. Strive to understand before being understood. Seek Holy Spirit and hear what he is saying.

  • Be Slow to Speak. Take time to analyze your thoughts. Check your words. Avoid speaking everything that comes to mind. Pay attention to the nudge of God that indicates to remain silent.

  • Pray about what you are hearing and thinking

  • Be Slow to Anger- Notice what you are feeling. Release any fear and anger to God and exchange it for His peace

  • BREATHE- Take a deep breath. Calm Down and let God lead you in righteousness.

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