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Passionate About Transforming Lives

I am a Christian Life and Vision Coach who loves impacting people through the scriptures.  You will be educated, inspired, and equipped with powerful tools that help you align your life with your values.  I am a witness that application of scripture will transform your life, marriage, family and career.  It is for His glory.  He made you to reveal Himself through therefore as you surrender to Him, you will experience the zoe life.  The abundant life filled with grace and truth.  You will manifest the kingdom life filled with righteousness, peace and joy!

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Life & Vision Coach.

 Lydia helps her clients discover their vision through vision boards and Vision Interpretation. Vision interpretation is a unique technique that introduces the client to the person their vision is calling for. Lydia believes it is not what you acquire that is important, but the person you become that will positively impact your life and the world. Change of self-perception and character helps one to attain and maintain the path to greatness and destiny.


Rapid Transformational Therapy

As a therapist, Lydia uses Rapid Transformation Therapy, where clients are able to quickly transform toxic images and negative self-talk into powerful positive tools and establish new truth and mindsets for long lasting change. With RTT, her clients are liberated from hindrances (depression, fears, phobia, procrastination, etc.) to their growth and are able to manifest their vision, dreams and goals.

Lydia continues to share her inspiration through speaking at various workshops, lunch & learns and conferences. When Lydia speaks, the audience is inspired and equipped with strategies and principles to apply for everyday life. Lydia is also a published author of her first book titled, “I Am Lovable.” In this book, Lydia explains the source of love and how one can remain connected to that source to love themselves and others in a healthy way. Lydia was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She has been married 20+years to her loving husband Rob and live in Saint Mary's County of Southern Maryland.


  • Certification from the CAPP Institute.  Coaching and Positive Psychology.

  • Personal and Executive Coaching Certification from the CAPP Institute

  • Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Certifications and Qualifications

  • Certified Vision board Coach from The Vision Board institute.

  • ACC Certification from the International Coaching Federation.

  • 30+ years of research and experience of Kingdom Christian Living.

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