Discovering and Understanding the Transforming Power of the Everlasting Love of God 

By Lydia Rugh

Experience the transforming power of God's love by yielding to His loving presence. Lydia uses scripture to explain this understanding. Understanding is power. Recognize the love of God and realize His true nature. Let God's love renew the vision of love of yourself and others.



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with Confidence Anthology

by Lydia Rugh

Would you like your crown to be polished and renewed? 

Read the new book "Crowned with Confidence Anthology" and experience the brilliance of God's love for you. 

Lydia is one of 9 women from various walks of life selected to share her story.

"Crowned with Confidence Anthology"will inspire and encourage you with real-life stories of transformation.

      Witness the renewing power in trusting and believing God and His word.

These stories demonstrate our God is able!

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Lydia Rugh

Transformational Therapist

Vision Coach

Marriage Planner

By appointment only

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