Who is Lydia Rugh?

I am a certified Visions Coach and Owner of Heart 2 Hand Visions LLC, a Vision coaching and consulting business thatinspires, equip and empowers clients to create, develop and incorporate vision for their lives. Through one on one sessions, group sessions and full vision board workshops clients are excited about their vision and leave with clarity and direction to fulfill their God given purpose. I also teach faith-based Vision board workshops where I expound on the principles found in thr scriptures.

My mission is to help you discover your unique God-given vision and purpose so you can positively impact your life and everything connected to it. Your vision is not ahead of you. Its trapped inside of you. My slogan is, “Write it. Read it. Run it”

Vision for Couples

I am a Marriage Advocate, one who supports marriage by teaching and mentoring men and women God’s purpose for the Marital relationship. Vision Coaching for couples is a unique coaching session where two people create and discover a unified vision for their marital relationship. Based on biblical principles the couple establishes a foundation for their home and family. From the session the couple leaves feeling empowered, with clarity, direction and purpose. Vision in marriage relationship will establish:

· Purpose and mission of their marriage

· Priorities

· Unity and communication

· Boundaries and respect

· Disciplines

· Direction for the whole household.

· Serves as a reminder for each spouse.

· Keep God as the head of the household.

· Covenant

· A Vision and mission statement for their marriage and household.


Vision Coaching- Vision Coaching helps clients discover and retrieve the vision of the new life that dwells inside of their hearts. Sight is from the eyes. Vision is from the heart. It is my

Vision Coaching is different from counseling. Counselors work to understand the present from a review of the client’s past. My approach is helping clients tap into their passion and future that dwells deep inside and bring it to the surface. Clients are able to articulate the vision with confidence, passion and fulfillment. They leave with a reflection of their future self with clarity and purpose.

In my vision coach sessions you will receive

· a tangible vision for your life in your hand

· strategies and tools that will modify your behavior

· a new mindset that will attract the life that reflects your vision.

· A new perspective of what is achievable

· A picture of your new improved self

· Clarity of your purpose and life

· An understanding how your brain impacts your vision

· An understanding of Holy Spirit’s role in creating vision

· A source of hope and fuel for persistence

· Conference speaker/Teacher-Vision is a powerful tool we use to overcome obstacles and reach our goals. I am an inspirational speaker who is excited about transforming lives of people who feel stuck and need change. I speak on various topics such as marriage, vision, purpose and overcoming pains of the past.

· Vision board parties and workshops- looking for an exciting activity for your get together? Vision board is fun, exciting and will get those creative juices flowing for the new year. It will maintain spark you need to reach your dreams.

· Vision boards for your Business- you can use vision boards to create unity with your staff and mission for your business. Start on top with the end in mind. Your staff will be energized with this empowering session to establish teamwork and pursue excellence in performance.

· Family Vision Boards- have a vision board session with your family. Vision will help create goals, values that will establish unity, teamwork and accountability for the family. And its fun for the whole family!

· Newlyweds/Couples Vision Board-Create vision for your marriage relationship. Begin your marriage with unity, teamwork and the same mindset. Develop a foundation that you and your spouse can build upon.


Lydia Rugh

Transformational Therapist

Vision Coach

Marriage Planner

By appointment only

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**Disclaimer** Results may vary from person to person.  We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate coachings for your situation.  Coaching is not meant to diagnose or treat disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, education and motivation that will help you to live to your best potential and to guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.  No information from this site is stored.