The Extraordinary Life

Hello Beloved,

Do you feel Christian life is hard? Are you dealing with stress, turmoil, anxiety and depression? Do you feel life will be much easier if everything around you changed?

God promises life filled with righteousness, joy and peace. Rom.14.17. Jesus said that he came that you may have life abundantly John.10.10. That is the “Zoe” life which is the state of possessing vitality, absolute fulness of life, active, vigorous. Abundance is to have advantage, be remarkable, extraordinary. To sum it up, Jesus came that you may live an “Extraordinary Life”. A life far beyond ordinary. Jesus was extraordinary and he chose you to be extraordinary too. If Jesus is your Lord and Savior, which enables you to be a disciple, a Christ Follower, His resurrected life dwells within you and you have access to Him through His Spirit and His Word. It’s the Holy Scriptures that will take you there and transform you. God’s word, created you and will sustain you. There are several aspects that will move you from ordinary to extraordinary. Lets briefly discuss 3 of them.

1. Honor God’s Word- approach His word with humility and prayer. The Bible is about God, His thoughts, character and His image (you). Creation exists by the Word of God. Gen.1.2. It is by His word we are born again and are sustained. 1Peter.1.23; Mt.4.4. The bible is not a book of rules, but a book of hidden wisdom, knowledge and love.

2. Read His Mind- Study God’s thoughts, His works. ESV Ps.111.2. Humbly approach scripture knowing you are reading God’s thoughts. Imagine you are reading his journal. When we open the Holy Scriptures, we have access to the mind of God. It is a privilege to have access to the heart of you, Creator, God Almighty.

3. Have Faith in His Character- Pray as you read the scripture and ask, “What is it saying about God?” Read the verses before and after the text. Seek His nature as you read. When you discover a characteristic of Him, reread with that in mind. Ponder and believe who He is. The bible is a book about God, his thoughts, character and his image (you).

Call to Action:

Choose a scripture to read. Pray and honor God as you approach to read His thoughts. After your read, ask,what is this passage saying about God, His nature? What is His heart saying about this matter? Ponder for a few moments, then ask, What are his thoughts of me, His image? “Lord, what is this passage calling me to do and be?”

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