Serving Your Best Self

Colossians 3.23 And whatever you do, do heartily as unto the Lord...

I love traveling with my husband on vacation. We enjoy sightseeing, discovering new ventures and sounds. One of the true joys of a great vacation is the food. Visiting restuarants that have unique cuisines, eccentric décor and an atmosphere that stimulates the senses establishes the memory and the desire to visit again. I enjoy sitting at a table where the servers are very cordial and attentive. When your glass is half empty, the server immediately fills the glass or inquires about filling it. The atmosphere and the service to helps us determine whether we will visit again. I enjoy recieving an entree where you can see all the attention to detail of the dish. The placement of the food and the combination of flavors that you wouldn't normally put together. This goes from food trucks to sandwich shops to moderate and fine dining. I have eaten at a few sandwich shops that were phenomenal with the unique combination of flavors and presentation, Ekiben and Abbey Burger Bistro in Baltimore to name a few. ( FYI-Ekiben's choice of music can sometimes be questionable, so we eat outside, but the food is amazing!.) As for fine dining, it is a delight to receive a dish where the chef puts effort, love and great detail in how the preparation and presentation of the food including a final touch of artistry painted in the accompanying sauce. This makes me feel honored and loved. People who provide this style of service are focused and love what they do. They are passionate about excellence in customer service. They avoid distractions and attend to every detail in the presentation, flavor and service. What a joy.

Why am I writing about restaurants? Lydia, what is this about? Well, just as I enjoy premium quality service, I also strive to serve others the same way. When I serve, I must make sure I am at my best. I have discovered over the years that as I serve in various capacities, on should never serve from a place of emptiness or lack. I make sure my supply is full and the vessel is in good condition before serving others. Serving is giving of your time, energy, gifts, talents and most of all fruit. Yes, the fruit that is produced from the Spirit such as joy, peace, love, gentleness, patience, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and self control stated in Galatians 5.22,23. Serving God’s way does not involve taking away from yourself but expressing God's love from the abundance of our hearts. God loves a cheerful giver, therefore I give from the overflow of peace, love and joy from within. Our purpose as children of God is to serve in the utmost capacity of ourselves. For example, I enjoy baking cupcakes for my coworkers. I love bringing joy to others, so, if a cupcake makes a person smile, I am very happy. I want to spread love, joy and peace to the people around me. Those who are connected to me can sense the joy. When I serve the those in need, I want my joy and peace to be contagious. I strive to serve at my best. Before I speak at an event, I make sure the slate is clean from all negativity. This prevents spewing out negative energy onto the hearers. I make sure there is no residue of bitterness, jealousy, envy, confusion, unforgiveness, impurity and anxiety within of me. I release and cast all my cares upon the Lord. Just as the fine restaurants ensure their servingware and food are in excellent quality, we as children of God must do the same as we serve people, whether it’s our families, friends, strangers, coworkers and enemies. Hey, did you know that working on your job is serving? It is customer service and your employer and coworkers are your customers? What type of customer service are you providing? Do you serve with a smile and pleasant attitude? Or are you grumpy, disgruntled and spew your toxicity on those around you?

The bible commands that whatever we do, do heartily as unto the Lord. So, as I serve on my job, in my home or volunteer, in reality I am serving the Jesus. This mindset along with being grateful helps me maintain when challenges come. Gratitude towards God the Father overshadows my servitude. I am grateful for the little things. Gratitude helps me maintain a pleasant attitude and keeps me genuine. So, remember when you serving, be sure you are full of God's blessings so you can serve well. Add some extras with a fancy folded napkin in gentleness and paint a design with the sauce of creativity and love. Fill the glass when it appears half empty of happiness. Freshen the atmosphere with the fragrance of joy. Add some peace to the mind of others. We are lights of the world. Our purpose is to let our light shine in darkness and be the peace that impacts the chaos of this world. So today, I ask you, are you full of goodness or will you serve from contaminated vessels? Cast all you cares upon the the Father and exchange it for Righteousness, Peace, love and joy that is contained in Holy Spirit. Serve from abundance not scarcity. Now,take a moment to search your heart today. Rid yourself of all the toxicity and replenish, then serve your Best Self.

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