My Turtle Story

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

I was driving north on route 235, out running errands. While driving on this four lane road, I noticed something in the median. It was a turtle trying to cross the road. He was trying his hardest to walk fast stretching his legs and neck hoping to get some momentum. I thought to myself. how in the world did he get to the median without getting run over by oncoming traffic. Traffic was too close behind me to stop. As I passed this creature and approaced the light ahead, I prayed earnestly,” Father protect him. Don’t let this turtle get hit. Father, encamp your angels around him. Keep him from all harm and danger and let him get to the other side safely.” As I continued praying, the Lord said to me, “You’re the Angel.” “What?”, I sighed within myself. “Are you kidding me?” Right away, I knew what he was saying. Reluctantly, I safely turned my car around and drove back. I continued to pray that no car has hit the turtle. “ Please, God, I do not want to see a dead turtle. Please!” I turned the car around and drove towards the location where the turtle was. He was still in the median. More traffic was coming about ½ mile away, including a tractor trailer. I quickly parked my car on the side of the road, still, praying, the turtle is still alive and well. I looked at the median and there he was, bewildered and shaken. I rushed over and grabbed him by the shell. I screamed with utterly disgust, feeling his body moving within the shell. “Uuuugggghhh” His legs scrambling from with fear of what is happening. "Yuuuuuckkkkk!” I screamed as I ran towards a grassy area near my car. I gently placed him in the grass and he took off crawling in the speed of a turtle. Oh Gross! The funny thing is the traffic passed me as I entered my car. The tractor trailer and other cars honked horns as if I was the hero of the day. Well I did not feel like a hero. I was pretty grossed out.

Saved by an Angel. This is one of the many turtles I saved since this story happened.

So what is the lesson? There are times we see a problem that needs to be addressed. We pray, we present the problem to God and to others. We ask God to provide the solution to that problem. We complain to people about what people need to do. We complain about our ministries and spiritual leaders. Why won’t they do something for the sick, the poor, visit those in prison, feed the hungry? When will someone do something for the youth. Just as I was asking God to send angels to protect the turtle, god told me that I was the angel. I am the solution to the turtle’s troubling situation. Yes, it is a funny story however it holds great truth to it. Before we look and point telling others what they need to do, look at yourself. Are you the answer? God created every one of us to be a solution to a problem. Our purpose hidden in our passion, what makes us angry. Its hidden in our irritations. Once you discover your purpose, create your vision and tap into the talents and skills you possess that can be utilized to manifest the vision locked inside of you. Remember, your purpose is never about you anyway. It’s all about others. I’m not saying you must neglect yourself. Serving you causes you to present your best self to others. (Check out my blog, “Serve the Best”). Well, I would have you know that since that heroic incident, I have saved many turtles since then. What’s strange is I am no longer grossed out as I pick up these little creatures. My love and concern to get this poor little creature in an area of safety is greater than my discomfort. (Hmm looks like another blog on that point.) I ask you, What are you passionate about? What conditions, situations or circumstances really trouble you? Could it be that you may the solution that can resolve the problem? Take a moment to Reflect. Acknowledge, then step out on faith and act on it. You may be surprised. Be Brave, Be the Answer, Lydia- Your Turtle Hero 😊

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