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God's Little Helper

The sun was bright on this warm summer day. It was a little slow at work, so I made an effort of finding extra tasks to do by providing help when the opportunity arises. Well as I completed one assignment and walked towards the security building, I saw a truck approaching gates that needed to be opened. The Lord spoke to me within, "Go help that worker with the gates." And so I went. It was out of the way of the path I was taking. I walked towards the gated area. I approached the vehicle and signaled to the people inside that I will open the gates. The truck was escorted by a security officer, my coworker. He looked very surprised to see me. I said, "I'm helping you with the gates, open the others, go through and I will close them for you." Again he looked even more surprised. Then he said,"We were just talking about Jesus and then you come helping us with the gates." I laughed and said, "I am God's little helper" I saw this coworker a few hours later. He explained, "We were approaching the gate in the vehicle and I told the driver, 'I wish God would just open these gates' and suddenly you appeared." We laughed. I told him, I was walking towards the office building and suddenly it God tapped me on the shoulder and said go help them a with those gates. It was out of the way to where I was going, but God met your request." He is so awesome. I love it! I love being available for God's use to serve others. He loves people and so do I. How has God used you lately? Have you made yourself available to serve, and bring others joy? Do you help someone smile? Open a door, pay someone's toll. Make yourself available today. Pursue good deeds and be God's Little Helper this year. Comment below of a small task God told you to do for another person. I would love to hear about your experience of love today.

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