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The Power of NEXT

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

We were all settle to see the play, ”Jesus” at the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, Pa. We rented an Air B&B in downtown Baltimore. A beautiful condominium 5 minutes from the Inner Harbor. Everything was going well. We woke early and packed. Rob ran an errand for a family member. Ok Baby, im ready to go, I thought to myself as I waited for Rob’s call to say here was nearby. Ok, minutes were passing. Its later than he said, but we are still good on time. This was a big deal. This play had been sold out for many weeks, but Rob was able to get tickets for my birthday. YAY. He was proud of that and looked forward to taking me. I’m looking at the clock and its 20 minutes later, but we are still good. Oh Boy, what is the hold up? Rob should be here by now. The phone rings, its Rob. You will have to meet me at the visitors center. I’m stuck in traffic. There is a race and traffic is held up. I quickly walk to the visitors center. He’s not there. He is a block away stuck at the light. I quickly walk towards the light where he is stuck. Wow. Traffic is really backed up and the runners are on their path. I get in the car. A little winded, I say, “ ok baby im here” . Sweet, we have 2 hours to get there. We’re still good. And we wait…. Oh now we have 1 ½ hours. Umm we have 1 hour. Rob is bummed and very apologetic. The play begins 11am and if traffic moves not we will arrive 1130 am. Rob sighs with disappointment “Uh we should give up and consider it a loss.” I thought to myself, “Me, give up?” Deep within, I turned to God and have a conversation , OK, Father I give it to you. I release it to you and I know you can handle this. Rob-, “Lets do something else”. Me- “Give me the ticket, I called the number on the ticket. Rob- the paper says no exchanges or refunds. “Shhh” I gently whisper as I listened to the music while on hold. “Hello, I’m, ---- May I help you?” a cheerful voice said over the phone. I explained our situation, regretfully sharing we can’t make the show because of this marathon race and we are stuck in traffic. Emily empathized and agreed to sent the amount we paid as a gift card so we can attend in the near future. Yes! No loss for Hubby.

Holy Spirit nudged me and said, “Ok, Next” “ Next?” Holy spirit gave me an unction and I sensed the explanation. It was incredible. Holy spirit, “Ok, Next, what is the next thing that can fill this void of enjoyment? What is the next thing? The next opportunity? When one door closes, look for the next opportunity. The ram in the bush.” He revealed to me that when I release disappointment to God there is room to receive the next best thing. His suggestion, His plan. God loves me. He and Rob both want me to enjoy the first day of my birthday vacation. Holy Spirit continues, “See a movie. You always wanted to see Hotel Transylvania. It will make you laugh.” Me, “Is it still playing?” I said as I googled it on my phone. I mentioned it to Rob, this movie is playing in a theater only 20 minutes away. It starts in 45 minutes. Wow God. You are so awesome. We are not spending our day in disappointment but in joy and laughter. As we walk into the theater, Rob hugs me and says, “Baby, thank you for being a wise woman.

Me,” Well God is wise”. Rob, “You are wise for listening to him..

What is the lesson here? There will be situations that will not work out the way you want. There are disappointments in our lives. A situation may respond with a “NO”. Always remember that NO stands for Next Opportunity. Release the disappointment to God so He can give you more instructions to your NEXT joyous place. That is the power of NEXT. When I hear “Next” I imagine people standing in line and when one customer is served, the serve yells out NEXT! That is how we should be. When one thing does not work out to our favor, look for the next opportunity. “NEXT!” That’s the power of next. This has truly blessed me tremendously. I am not wasting my energies on what did not happen. Something is out there for me to enjoy. 1Corithians.10.13 mentions that with the temptation, God provides a way of escape. People refer this scripture for the temptation to lust however its not just for combat lust alone, but also the temptation to dwell and live in disappointment and regret. God always provides a way of escape from toxic thinking, conditions and emotions. He provides it, however it is up to us to look for it. What’s Next? What is the next thing for me to conquer, witness, enjoy? What is my next opportunity to experience the joy of the Lord. Remember “NO” stands for Next Opportunity.

In Genesis 22.9-13, Abraham built an altar to sacrifice Isaac in worship to the Lord. But an angel stopped him and said not to harm the boy, however Abraham built the altar to worship God. “Next?” In verse 13 Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of Isaac his son. God provided the Next. There was a “NO” for Isaac to be the offering and God provided the Next. So whenever you are in a situation where a “No” presents itself, remember look for the Next Opportunity. This principle prevents you to allow minutes, hours and days in disappointment and regret. Release the disappointment to God and receive what He has already provided. It will bless your life.

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