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Old Baggage!

Sadly, I carried unnecessary baggage (burdens/fears) that weighed me down that ultimately caused torment throughout my life--until now!  After one RTT session, you were able to help me identify the source of fear.  With your insightful and practical instructions, I was able to begin the joyful process of taking control of my thoughts and behaviors.... This experience was better than I expected!  I appreciated the fact that it wasn't drawn out... I have already recommended these sessions to others.


Not Clowns!!

For as long as I could remember, I had a phobia of clowns...I had no idea how or why this developed, was a hindrance to get past.  I was skeptical and nervous about this appointment.  The session was amazing! She guided the root...I had totally forgotten about childhood.  Let's just say "I'm cured!" My phobia was greatly diminished immediately, but after following up with the audio message provided, it's now completely gone.  I would highly recommend Mrs. Rugh's services to help you.


Stop the Noise!

Everything is going great!

I still recognize/hear noises, but they don't have the same affect as they used to.  Once I acknowledge and affirm myself, they disappear into the background... like my roommate's footsteps above me!

I love what is said on the audio and I try to repeat what is said whenever I come up to a sound that used to stress me out.


Stop Chewing!!

My life has completely changed and I feel true freedom!  I had an issue with... open mouth chewing.  I would be too consumed with their eating sounds... have irrational reactions like anger or anxiety... ask them to stop or leave the room.  The day after my session, I went to dinner with a friends.  I don't remember thinking about my friend chewing... only conversation.  Indescribable freedom with friends and family without concern.  I am excited for this new breakthrough.  I highly recommend doing a session!


Negative Thoughts!

I want to thank you for taking the time out ot bless me during this session.  I may not understand everything, but I do understand that my mind is a powerful force.  Getting the understanding and insight from you was very enlightening.  Shattering every negative though and myth the enemy has tried to keep me down.  Your prayers an meditation was uplifting, transforming, and gave me a renewed peace.  I will continue to listen to the affirmation daily.  Thank you.


Lack of Confidence

As a professional in the healing arts industry, I don't trust just anyone!  I have to know they are credentialed in their field but also in their own life with integrity and loving intention.  You are anointed with the ability to teach and guide.  You helped more than you will ever know by allowing me to leave our meeting with a gift of clarity, resolution and confidence.  You reminded me of where I succeeded rather than concentrating my mind on my LACK.  I am an abundant child of God!  If you have fear Lydia helps you find a path. 


Lydia Rugh

Transformational Therapist

Vision Coach

Marriage Planner

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